Just Menswear! Let’s here it for the boys! Nautica Men F/W 2013 MBFW

Loved this show..well, naturally I’m a girl and the pr for Nautica was very accommodating giving us great seats and some swag.  Then to force us to sit there and watch handsome masculine men walk the runway was nice for a change. Yes. Thumbs Up Nautica.  As for the season collection it started with the natural outdoor nautical feel that we are use to from Nautica but then graduated into a more rugged blast from the past long shoreman vibe.  Wonderful cable knit sweaters and a pant that seemed reminiscent of the racer ski pant we wore in the 80s.  Regardless of the direction or inspiration one can applaud the brand for still booking manly looking men as oppose to little skinny boys.  Bravo!