Last day of NYFW …Ralph Lauren

I have to say it’s been a wonderful week and we’ll finish with this recap of Lauren’s show.  I found the menswear inspired pantsuits with dapper tailoring and turn of the century inspired chapeaux to be lively and clever.  Then you lost me.  If velvet looks lumpy on a 5’11 skinny model then what chance do we have in something like that? Suit one made her look like a giant furry strawberry and let’s not even go on about the purple one.  Really Ralph?  Then I rebounded when the lovely gowns made their presence.   A bit of glitz appeared in the form of sparkling sequins, perfect draping and then culminating in a stunning finale gown of gold lamé…and that’s why he’s the master of the Red Carpet!

From NYFW we bid you adieu…BISOUS!!