Let’s talk Fashion Apps….

What are your favorites and tell us why?

There are several that have sprouted up recently giving the “old school” ones (a year at best) a run for their money.  E-commerce fashion apps are the newest and trendiest of apps.  Instagram wishes it was a cool as what’s just around the corner.

Here’s a couple we thought worth mentioning.

Beachmint which we love because it incorporates all of the mints…see below! 

Jewelmint which is a luxury jewelry collection which fuses the eclectic taste of icon Kate Bosworth and celebrity stylist, Cher Coulter.  Stylemint which is the brainchild of the the twin brains of the Olsens.  It is basically a tshirt e-commerce with great style and fit. Beauty Mint is one of the latest additions which couples Jessica Simpson and Beverly hills skincare expert, Nerida Joy.  Beauty mint is a stylized monthly skincare system which combines the most advance anti-aging technology and science with natural ingredients. Lastly, Shoemint, a forged partnership of celebrity Rachel Bilson, stylist Nicole Chavez and Steve Madden…sounds promising!

Trendabl  which is the  latest start-up to use celebrity popularity to launch their i-phone app which is coined the “Instagram of fashion”. Users  share photos of outfits and tag them according to label, price, where it’s from, etc. They launched this week with an impressive list  of celebrity trendsetters including Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Harley Viera Newton, Whitney Port and Brad Goreski and plan to eventually expand into e-commerce.





I also love Pose
Pose is similar to Trendabl (but launched over a year ago) in that it is also an app where you take photos of clothing and share it with your friends and get feedback. Pose has a handpicked group of stylish influencers on board called “Posers,” including Leandra Medine, Rachel Zoe, Coco Rocha and various influencers and bloggers.