We love Karl.  We’ll admit it.  We love Chanel, not afraid to say YES.  Although, I find this collection to be bit mystifying.  Somewhat all over the place.  The show however, if you haven’t had the chance to catch it online yet, do so! It was fabulous and grand and oh so CHANEL!  Loved.  Meanwhile, we will still be trying to sort out exactly what the direction of this collection was having not read the press release.  One can’t help but wonder if Karl is more occupied with catering to the young Hollywood set and just has fun now.  Who could blame him, he’s Karl frickin Lagerfeld.  We’ll ponder more on that. In the meantime, we’ll just ‘love on’ the Chanel belts and the Super Models that walked or better yet STORMED the runway. #carad #giseleb #lindseyw #kendallj

CHA_0113 CHA_0144 CHA_0150 CHA_0172 CHA_0178 CHA_0198 CHA_0212 CHA_0330 CHA_0389 CHA_0411 CHA_0444 CHA_0549 CHA_0560 CHA_0598 CHA_0614 CHA_0635 CHA_0670 CHA_0791 CHA_0792 CHA_0793