Thank good for Saint Laurent.

The epic film, the rock star attitude and the badass models walking through the stunning rocks and landscape. Winter 21 is breathtaking and did we mention badass?! With so many designers losing their edge or just any sensibility during covid it’s nice to see someone sticking to their branding and Anthony Vaccarello has done just that.


“When I was thinking about this collection, I had this place in mind, like a movie director,” Vaccarello said. “It’s the idea of a girl in a landscape where she doesn’t belong. I knew I wanted a wintry location,” he went on to say, “one which showed how strong nature is; how we are really nothing next to it, how ephemeral we are. It’s not a place where anyone is going skiing, but Saint Laurent should do something that’s like a dream: What the F?! Why is she there?”
The location still remains a mystery, much like the bejewelled girls that rock the fashion.