Seeing Red / Golden Globe Favs

Now, I’ve heard over the years that red on the red carpet is a big no no.  However, Red did not disappoint this year.  Naturally, the go to black and pales were just as popular but red jewel tones stole the show. Naturally we’re going to post the hits and misses.

HITS Red Rules

Zoey Deschanel in Oscar de la Renta, Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Couture, Jennifer Garner and Claire Danes.

Yikes! Either it doesn’t fit, you look like a painted lace napkin, the cutout is is all wrong,  you borrowed your grandmother’s fancy dress, or your slit is too high. Either way not our favorites.

I this this dress is beautiful it just seems a little old for Anne. She sort of looks like she borrowed her grandmother’s beautiful gown.  And last but not least, geez Halle what were you thinking, this dress is horrific.