Too blunt for you? CALVIN KLEIN S/S 2018 barf.

I’ll say it, cause I can. While other publications are riding on high accolades on the Calvin Klein show I’m going to say what everyone is thinking…What the holy hell happened to this line? Raf Simons and Pieter Mulier presented their Spring 2018 collection for Calvin Klein and from this editor’s perspective the models either look like they are going to a really bad rodeo birthday party, work in a power plant or worst yet live in a insane asylum. I’m just miffed, no actually horrified. Way to go guys in your short interim  you’ve ruined what some would call a national iconic to Ralph Lauren of course. And if grown beings start walking the streets carrying security blankets, I’m fucking done with fashion. You will all look like  Charlie Brown characters..who are children BTW.

If you think I’m the only one confused, look at the front row. Or were they all just waiting for Cindy Crawford’s spawn to walk. Maybe.