Warming Treats

So the weather is changing.  We’re even beginning to feel it here in Southern Cal.  No worries, with the cooling temps it also means we get to warm our bellies with soothing treats. I found this delicious spread and nearly died.  It’s delicious.

 AMORETTI, the ultimate pastry, savory and beverage Ingredient Company offers up some recipes featuring their syrups below.  Amoretti’s proprietary methods utilize the natural flavors of fruits and herbs to create delicious and concentrated syrups for any cold or hot beverages, or to add a dash of flavor to any gourmet creation.


Amoretti’s Cookie Spreads? They are silky, creamy, perfectly balanced and made from superior ingredients.  Dip favorite fruits into the delicious spreads, mix a dollop into a yogurt, or spread onto toast.  Simply spoon them out of the jar for a delightful treat.  Available in two flavors:  Cookies & Cream and Graham Cracker.



A chocolatey beverage sure to waken your taste buds.


12 oz. Milk (Best with Whole Milk)

2 ½ pumps Amoretti® “Swiss Chocolate” Syrup


1. Stir well.

2. Top off with Whipped Cream.

3. Drizzle Amoretti® “Milk Chocolate” Syrup on top and serve.



An energizing coffee drink full of flavor.


1 ½ pumps Amoretti® “Crema Di Hazelnut” Syrup

¾ pump Amoretti® “French Vanilla” Syrup


1. Stir well.

2. Top with foam.

3. Drizzle Amoretti® “Crema Di Vanilla” Syrup on top and serve