Weekend one party virgins

We went.  They say Coachella isn’t only about the music anymore.  This is true. We bi-passed the festival all together and the Bisous crew of beauty, trends, fashion editors and co-founders hit the party scene.   It was exhausting. LOL

You think every party is the same but this my friends is not true.  Each party had it’s own vibe and set-up yet for the most part the same guest list.  You could tromp from event to event and see the same faces, celebs, djs and models.  So one has to ask themselves, why go?  Gift bags?  Swag? Maybe.  For us, we just wanted to have a kickass time….we did.

H&M party with Haim  and THE ACTIVATION RETREAT at Sparrows Lodge.  Firstly, can I just recommend this killer hotel/hang/oasis all on it’s own? This location is wonderful.  It’s like taking a Topanga Canyon vibe and putting it in the midst of mid-century houses next to the Parker.  It’s warm, inviting and just an all around chill fest.  We loved this place.  We went twice.   10338464_815511198539130_2770910503365091060_o photo photo(1) photo(2) 11146398_815511338539116_381251432521246893_oThe Retreat At The Sparrows Lodge, Palm Springs - Day 2 The Retreat At The Sparrows Lodge, Palm Springs - Day 2

Pool parties. They’re always the rage.  Get your hot dance party on so to speak.   Not necessarily our scene, but  it’s the desert and it’s hot so a pool is never a bad idea.  We had a blast at the Cadillac DLX Destination Luxury Lillie PR  day party and seeing our old friend ZEN FREEMAN dj and meeting up with another past cover participant Taylor Spreitler.   Party included refreshments by Caffeinated Club, lightly infused flavored club soda made with caffeine and also IMG_3143 IMG_8383 IMG_8421boho chic fashions featured by J.D. Luxe Fashion Truck.
We danced and kicked the weekend into gear.  It was going to be a long day and night ahead of us. coach1P1010885 P1010887 P1010886 IMG_9788

IMG_8421 IMG_8383 IMG_3143

Next Soho Desert House: to COACH x Harper’s BAZAAR brunch one might say is a bit stuffy.  But isn’t it always?

celebs seen 2 – Jena Malone, Zoe Kravitz10660359_889219174469794_8850451433931098486_n

Followed up by Pop Sugar at the Viceroy

Celebs seen: 3 Alexa Chung, Katy Perry, Robert Pattison

FullSizeRender(2) 1613915_889113551147023_1240094856833995659_n

We tried to get around to everything buy couldn’t make it to the Rachel Zoe DVF party.  We all started thinking we might be too old for this type of running around so we hit the pool at the house and took a disco nap before heading out to the scene of NEON CARNIVAL lord have mercy.

How does one explain NEON CARNIVAL.   Getting in an out, not an easy task.  You arrive and there is a  sea of people waiting in line to get into a airplane airfield and hangar.   Once inside, there ‘s a giant dance floor with bottle service and carnival rides.. We were lucky, we had the secret bathroom wristband.

After dancing for hours and drinking our fill of free drinks my only request for future Neon’s…could we please have some street dogs.  There was limited food and after party hopping all day, you kind of just wanted to dance, eat, drink and eat again.

The night ended with our superb on call driver 4-wheeling us off the grounds away from the wall to wall traffic.  Key note:  Hire a driver.  I heard some waited for their Uber for over 2 hours which wouldn’t surprise me as for miles all you could see were cars trying to get in to pick people up. It’s what we like to call in our world …a Giant Cluster $*#$

celebs seen: 6 – Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Beiber, Aaron Paul, Chanel Iman, Joe Jonas, Paris Hilton

FullSizeRender(1) Paper Magazine Presents Neon Carnival With PacSun, "Dope" The Movie And Tequila Don Julio Paper Magazine Presents Neon Carnival With PacSun, "Dope" The Movie And Tequila Don Julio Paper Magazine Presents Neon Carnival With PacSun, "Dope" The Movie And Tequila Don Juliocoachella_e20398DSC_7698 CoachellaParties_r620x349 Paris+Hilton+Paper+Magazine+Presents+Neon+xKzl8WJ1EM2l 10644902_10206447519965198_2340664126995809271_n FullSizeRender


All and all we had a pretty awesome time!  Only regret….not getting those DRAKE tickets as now as most of you know Madonna did a surprise appearance and they kissed! Woop!