Which came first..The Celebrity Icon or the Herb Ritts Portrait???

I guess it’s a month for iconic homage..

Firstly, Guess with it’s 30 years of amazingness and now Herb Ritts is being shown at the Getty Museum in LA .  Herb Ritts’s New Exhibition: ‘L.A. Style’ Brings Celebrities Into Natural World will run from April 3 – August 26 and is the first since his death in 2002.

I for one will knock-out any photographer or fashion film maker today who doesn’t put forth some high fives to the master himself. Herb Ritts defined the environmental portrait and made fashion images into art.   Here are some music videos and some of my favorites from the Ritts portfolio.

Seriously, who could not forget the HOT and a bit IRONIC “In the closet” video by MJ. The video was filmed in late March 1992 in Salton Sea, California and premiered on April 23, 1992

And just in case you slept through most of the 90s a montage of all the videos you probably loved and never had any idea Herb Ritts directed them.

Lastly…which came first the Icon or the Herb Ritts photo?