ANNA Sweeeet

Anna Sui’s show this evening was bright, lovely and fantastical.  With a Tibetan flair in both footwear and texture the collection was a feast for the eyes.  Beautiful tapestry and embroidery work transported this viewer to a 70s Himalayan festival.  Paired with a special Erickson Beamon jewelry contribution this show was one to be remembered._A2X0031 _A2X0075 _A2X0107 _A2X0127 _A2X0159 _A2X0177 _A2X0235 _A2X0249 _A2X0309 _A2X0335 _A2X0351 _A2X0365 _A2X0427 _A2X0469 _A2X0483 _A2X0535 _A2X0553