Jeremy Scott RTW Fall 2015

By: Giovanni Perez

Unfolding New York Fashion Week’s most eccentric collections, Jeremy Scott’s Fall 2015 Ready to Wear pieces were both nostalgic and entertaining. This season, he was clearly inspired by dolls and nursery rhymes. Hippos, little lambs, and teddy bears were all part of the nursery motif.

Models strutted down the runway in pastel babydoll mini-dresses and tights, baby bonnets and long stocking caps.Their hair short and covered with paint splotches. A few dresses were even made out of canvas; loosely inspired by the work of Claes Oldenburg and painted on by artist Rosson Crow.

I was really inspired by the idea of dolls,” Scott said in a backstage interview, “and how when you loved them so much you cut their hair and you painted on them.”
“So I wanted to kind of capture that loved toy, the loved doll kind of feeling. There’s lots of prints — definitely inspired by nursery rhymes like ‘Humpty Dumpty’ or ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb.'”
Scott also wove a dark trippy note through the collection as he was also inspired by psychedelia like those ’70s-era black light posters. The hallucinogenic tone mixed with the virtuous subject matter is one to be remembered. Yet another nutty collection under his belt.ONP_6034 ONP_6120 ONP_6152 ONP_6185 ONP_6316 ONP_6372 ONP_6413 ONP_6457 ONP_6468 ONP_6486