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Throughout the year the Bisous beauty team puts the pros to the test.  Our editors try out common cosmetic dermatological procedures to give you a behind the scenes first hand report on what hurts, what works, and what to ask for in order to get the results you want.

This week we highlight:

What is a peel?

An in-office treatment in which a combination of acids are brushed on the skin, neutralized, and layers of the skin are sloughed off in subsequent days.
Think of it as exfoliation on steroids!

Who should get VI PEEL?
·         Anyone who suffers from acne, acne scarring or active acne
·         melasma, or hyperpigmentation
·         age spots
·         enlarged pores
·         rosacea
·         light or deep wrinkles
·         freckles
Our experience:
As with any cosmetic procedure, it’s crucial to go to a trusted licensed practitioner.  To make sure we got the best of care, we turned to the office of celebrity plastic surgeon Garth Fisher M.D. at Biomed Spa to perform the VI Peel®.  The staff couldn’t have been nicer and the girls in the front office are hilarious! Love them. Have to admit, with all the clout this office garners, they couldn’t have been more welcoming, kind, and professional. So impressed with everyone at Dr. Garth Fisher’s office!
The procedure:
Took maybe 15 minutes and was virtually painless.
Immediately after, skin looked red and slightly tight, but nothing alarming. Like a mild sunburn.
Day 2- Tighter skin (especially around mouth and jawline). Skin is less red than day one.
Day 3-  “Peel-town” Right on schedule, skin started to slough off in big sections. Not painful at all, just not that attractive. This is the perfect day to watch an entire series on Netflix (in the event you need an excuse).
Day 4- After a shower, a lot of skin sloughed off.  A heavy moisturizer and sunscreen were applied and acted as a bit of a glue to hold my face together. I looked pretty normal until about three hours later, some transient skin around the jaw and ear started working it’s way loose. Warn your friends and have a few jokes ready …
Day 5- Skin looks radiant and glowing! Red carpet ready! There were the occasional small sloughing pieces of skin, but over-all so nice.
Day 6- You are begging to bump into your ex. You start introducing yourself as Lady Benjamin Button…Okay, so maybe we are exaggerating, but NOT that much!

Our Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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