Sun in the Fun (the Coachella version)

OMG Cochella is, like, almost here!

You better have packed all your sexiest Aztec-boho-studded-duds by now. I mean, if you didn’t – you don’t have long. But besides that you should be more concerned with how your skin will be treated in your festival-approved garb! And I don’t mean borrowing yo mama’s.

So because we care about your flesh, we’ll coach you on only the best products you can get your muddy hands on…

Before all else – prepping your skin to take on a beating is key. G.M. Collin Aquamucine Cream with SPF 15 ($58) is long lasting and super enriched with antioxidants that prevent visible signs of premature aging. Score-rrific!

The jane iredale Facial Blotting Papers Compact ($11) is the perfect accessory to have on-hand that’ll suck up all excess shine and oil throughout the day. Doesn’t hurt to have a cool, shiny gold metal case for these babies either. Ka-ching!

To keep your lips nourished and hydrated throughout the day, also pack the Supersmile Ultimate Lip Treatment ($24), the paraben-free lip balm is clinically developed to exfoliate, hydrate, nourish, condition and restore in a yummy, Vanilla Almond flavor. Omnomnom.

After a long day of b̶o̶o̶z̶i̶n̶g̶ bronzing, give your skin some relief with the Repêchage Hydra Soleil Deep Relief Tea Gel ($38). A lightweight cooling gel that instantly nourishes and hydrates sun-exposed skin. This cocktail of Aloe Vera, Cucumber, EcoCert Seaweeds, and Green Tea Extract provides sun relief to face and body (wherever feels tight…that’s what she said) and helps skin cell repair. Boing!

Protect skin while you’re out and about this summer with Lancaster Sun Ultra Protection Tan Control SPF 50 ($38).  This lightweight cream helps protect face, hands & décolleté, where skin is thinner & easily damaged from UV rays.  Also minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, risk of redness, irritation & peeling. YESS!

Say farewell to frizz with Tigi S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer: Defrizzer & Tamer! ($25.50) A scientific blend of ingredients to defrizz, moisturize and seal, this miracle worker fights the effects of humidity, while leaving you with soft, manageable fest tresses.  Can be used on wet or dry hair. #superhappening

Wether you party with or for the environment, Schick has a new line of razors you should be bringing with you to be ready for any action. So either pick up the Schick Hydro Silk Disposables (for a close shave that replenishes moisture) or the Limited Edition Schick Hydro Silk Razor (with a ventilated travel cover to protect the cartridge for when you’re on the go) and GO GO GO!

Last, but definitely not the least, one of our favourite brands [ever] is Osea. If all that gyration-caused-sweating is causing  your sunscreen to slough off – then Sea Minerals ($32) spray is your fairy godmother. Patagonian seaweed extracts and Dead Sea Crystals heal, rehydrate, reduce redness and skin tightening. Your fleshy parts will rejoice so you can continue to run amok. #amazebeans

We’ll wait here, in the parents’ pick up lane at the end of your fun-filled week with burning questions about Rodriguez