record-black-fridayI can’t stand shopping.  I know it’s unbelievable, but true nonetheless.  I would much rather shop online and have it delivered to me without ever having to ‘beat’ the crowds. The image above makes me want to hurl.

So yesterday I was tickled pink or as it were holiday red when I found these great items that didn’t necessarily break the bank but were thoughtful and useful as well.  I know that all the products here are on Bloomingdales website but there’s always a chance you can find them elsewhere.

For that friend who loses everything! THE TRACK R wallet tracking device 29.958628843_fpx

For that fitness guru NUTRIBULLET magic bullet 89.95


For that special someone who loves to cook ALL CLAD slow cooker $250.001019718_fpx

He’s not cheap, he’s just thrifty That guy or gal QUIRKY Porkfolio piggy bank $39.958633314_fpx

You’re computer pal who stares at screen all day BREO wireless eye massager $129.998582233_fpx

Your mom who still drinks tap water WATER LOGIC hybrid home water purifier $299.998582267_fpx

And lastly,  I totally saved the best one for last!  This one we should probably buy for ourselves or anyone who is hitting the holiday circuit ……….

ALCOHOOT smartphone breathalyzer $100.00