RTW where? I’d rather stay home. CHANEL

The Chanel show returned home to the Grand Palais. The fashion house’s  name in giant letters, much a kin to the iconic Hollywood sign across Griffith Park’s mountainside.The sign was nice or was it just a sign of things to come?

Creative director Virginie Viard explained actresses and the modern life of actresses was her inspiration. Trying to capture the daily from red carpet to an off duty look whilst completing everyday errands. She wanted to capture the whole process.

Albeit the process was significantly portrayed, but I’m just wondering why bother? Chanel can be worn casual of course, but why design it to be so? That’s not the nature of Chanel.  Why are designers catering to mediocrity? I’m duly disappointed. See a snippet of the collection below and decide on your own. Sure she finished the show with your standard Chanel pieces that reflect the brands aesthetic, but why did we have to suffer through the beginning? Feel free to open the discussion on our instagram post.

What we are accustomed to.