The Apple doesn’t fall far: Kaia Jordan Gerber

Kaia Jordan Gerber takes LA written by Joannah McGuinness
Ever since Cindy Crawford donned those denim hot pants for Pepsi’s 1991 Super Bowl ad, which just so happens to be the most successful ad to date for the brand, the world has been utterly obsessed with the super model.
Anyone who grew up in the nineties is sure to have made numerous attempts at emulating the models beauty by drawing  on her world recognized beauty mark.
Proving that the apple doesn’t fall all that far from the tree Cindy’s daughter Kaia Jordan Gerber has been taking the fashion world by storm lately, her impact proved furthermore by the attention she received at the premier of VH1’s Barely Famous in LA this week.
The budding model accompanied her model mum to the event and in doing so sent the paparazzi into an absolute tizzy!
Attendees couldn’t believe the resemblance between the world renowned supermodel and her fourteen year old daughter, the topic being one of the most discussed of the evening.
Kaia, who made her modelling debut for Versace aged just TEN years old, has been labelled “The next big thing” and already has massive designer brands and publications lined a mile long in the hopes of featuring the star.
We don’t remember looking this fabulous at fourteen!
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