“Abs” olute perfection

Well, for me I’ve always been opposed to celebs on my fashion magazine covers.  Actually, I’ll rephrase that, I believe that there are few celebs I’d like to see on my fashion magazine covers.  Call me old fashion but I miss the days of models on the covers where little girls memorized their names and posted them on their walls.  Now having said that, I am totally NOT opposed to Elle’s UK cover of Becks.  In fact, there are two covers, a subscriber cover and can you blame them? Perfection.  “abs”olute perfection.

David Beckham was photographed by Doug Inglish for the cover of Elle UK’s July issue in what is apparently their nod to the 2012 Olympic games. This issue also marks the first time a man has appeared solo on the cover of Elle UK.

Hmmmm yes I do believe we’d run a hot celeb boy on our cover. We’re breaking the rules here people! hahaha