So the NYTimes has Dear Abby well we have “Ask a French girl”!!!  Everyone will agree the French as a culture have a different approach on the game of love.  You can not argue that French women have an entirely different take on the nuances of relationships and more importantly the devine secrets of how to please your partner. The ever elusive mademoiselle has defined film, fashion and literature as long as we can remember.  Her style is particular and her goal even more so.  Women want to be her, men just want her.  “Ask a French Girl” gives you a direct line to all of the secrets and answers. So email us at with Ask a French girl in the subject line and you might see your answer in print in our FALL Issue!! Please sign the name and town you’d like printed..As every French girl knows discretion is very important you needn’t worry about your secrets being made public. And come on girls..don’t we all have that special email address we use for such things? Have fun!! BISOUXXXXXXXX my loves.