Celeb Skin Affair Interview with Singer and Actress Meital!

We finally asked writer Joanna Canton founder of one of our favorite beauty blogs “My skin affair” if she’d share one of her cool celebrity skin interviews with us. She was kind enough to agree to guest blog and share this great little interview with us for Beauty Month! Thank you Joanna and thank you MY SKIN AFFAIR.

Celebrity Skin Interview: Meital

This month singer and actress Meital is sharing her skin care thoughts and favorites with us. Not since the invention of the original sin has Israel had such a hot export. I first saw Meital, born Meital Dohan, in her recurring role as Yael Hoffman on Showtime’s “Weeds”, a series that I’m a big fan of. Along with her long list of other acting credits, Meital is a two-time Israeli Oscar nominee and she also won an Israeli Tony for Most Promising New Actress. Meital also stars in the upcoming feature “Foreclosure” with Michael Imperioli and Wendell Pierce. Her most recent film, “Monogamy”, co-starring Chris Messina and Rashida Jones, won the Best Narrative Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival and received rave reviews. Meital was described as “extremely gorgeous…” by the New York Times and “breathtaking” by Variety Magazine.
In early 2011 Meital caught the attention of mega hip-hop producer Che Pope (Lauren Hill, Eminem, Dr. Dre) and they began to record her debut album “I’m In Hate With Love”. Other key players in the music industry have since come on board to support her music. With the release of her first single,Yummy Boyz, in June, 2011, the official music video quickly went viral and reached over 1,000,000 views and the song has circulated in clubs and radio stations nationwide. Meital is launching the second phase of her first single with the new remix YUMMY produced by Rami Afuni (LMFAO). Meanwhile this smokin’ hot actress/singer/performer continues her ascendancy across a range of media with an ongoing stream of videos and select live appearances coming soon.
I caught up with Meital last week in Los Angeles. We had a chat about what she’s working on and all things girlie. Enjoy!

Meital, tell me about your favorite skin care products.

Right at the moment, I’m using Mario Badescu. I use their Orange Cleansing Soap, Dermonectin Eye Cream, and a moisturizer of theirs with SPF 30. For a night cream, I use Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream. I’m also using a very high-end sunscreen, it’s called La Roche-Posay. It’s the Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid. It’s really nice and thin on your skin.

What do you like about the Mario Badescu products that you’re using?

I started using it a little while ago, because it’s not too oily and it makes your skin look fresh.

What are your makeup favs?

For mascara and eyeliner, I really like Mac. And for powder and base, I like the Chanel products. Make Up For Ever has really nice eye shadows. For lipstick, I usually get Mac. I don’t really put a lot of makeup up on. I usually just put on eyeliner and mascara and then my makeup artist does my makeup if I have a shoot or if I go to an event. Sometimes I just put lipstick on at home just for fun, even if I’m in my pajamas. Because it makes you feel special.

Do you have any favorite body products?

I like Swisa Beauty Dead Sea Salt Souffle.

What is you “must have” product?

The La Roche-Posay. That’s the most important product for me to use. And lip gloss. I wear lip gloss all the time because you want to keep your lips moisturized.

I’m right with you there. I’m completely addicted to lip gloss. Do you have a favorite spa?

I go to an Aveda Spa and I go to Surya Spa for Ayurvedic treatments. And I do house calls for massages.

What do you keep in your purse?

Usually I have an eyeliner, just in case you meet a good looking guy. And lipstick, in case you want to feel more special. And sunscreen in case you’re going out. Guys don’t like lipstick. See-through lip gloss is more useful. I like Mac lip gloss. I have to admit, if you go out just anywhere and you don’t have lip gloss, it’s a stressful situation, I’d say. I also carry L’Occitane Hand Cream.

What makes you feel especially sexy or beautiful?

I mean, I think it’s really about how you feel about yourself. If you sit at home and feel bad and have bad thoughts in your mind, it’s hard to feel sexy. But if you are in good spirits and you feel like life is shining to you and you love yourself, it makes you feel sexy.

You’re a singer, an actress, and you also write. Do you have one passion that you love above everything else?

I’ve definitely always been in acting, my whole life. So I can say that I really love acting. Music is a brand new passion that just kind of took me by surprise and basically took over my life in the past three years. And it’s been a lot of fun and a really magical process. So, I really love singing too. Basically it’s all different forms of performing and communicating with the audience and writing is really more about expressing myself and helping deliver messages or stuff that I want to talk about.

What are you working on right now?

There is a TV series in development that I’m working on. For music, I have a lot of shows coming up. Almost every weekend, in the next two months. My performances are a bit theatrical, so I prepare for that on many levels, more than just coming in and just standing on stage and singing. We always have a concept and we always have a story and I’m always trying to look for the humor within the performance too.

Because you had been focusing on your acting for so long, were you nervous at all when singing came along and you suddenly had the opportunity to record an album?

I have a great healer, a spiritual guide in Israel, who told me that I had to go back to America to start working on my music career. And it just totally came out of the blue. It wasn’t something I was planning at all. I always sang, but it was not something that I put on my calender, that I’m going to be starting singing. So it really came out of the blue. The next thing I know, I’ve been so busy with the singing that I don’t even have time to go back to visit my family. I’ve been home maybe eight days in three years. So, I started working on the music three years ago. It’s been a big surprise in my life. It’s been amazing.

It sounds like it’s a very exciting time for you and I wish you continued success.

Yes, it’s very exciting. It was fun talking to you!

Thanks Meital.

Thanks Joanna!!!!! BISOUXXXX